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Our goal at Ashlei Ballet School is to nurture a love of dance and music, while encouraging each student to develop their full potential in technique and artistry.

All our instructors are highly qualified in their respective disciplines. Students receive progress reports twice each year, and participate in an annual recital.


Ashlei Ballet School

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Janet Bradbury


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Rachel Facchini


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Release of Liability
I understand that although safety will be a priority at the Ashlei Ballet School, dance is a physically demanding activity. I recognize the inherent risk of injury involved in dance classes, dance performances, and activities offered at the Ashlei Ballet School. I understand that each participant must assume their risk of injury that could result from any of these activities. I have read and agree with Ashlei Ballet School’s Policies in regards to the prevention of COVID-19. I release the Ashlei Ballet School, its staff members and instructors, for all liability for any injury or illness to myself or my child participating in Ashlei Ballet School activities. To the best of my knowledge the student is in good physical condition and capable of participating in the dance classes and activities at the Ashlei Ballet School. Authority is granted for him/her to receive emergency medical treatment as deemed appropriate. I do give permission to have my child’s photo or video image or audio recording used by the Ashlei Ballet School for promotional and / or educational purposes. This may include, but may not be limited to, use in brochures, newspaper articles, the school web site, programs, and promotional displays. I understand that there will be no payment for use of these images or recording, or student identification attached to said images or recordings, unless further authorized. I hereby release the Ashlei Ballet School from any liability resulting from the use of these images.